Wolfcastle is classified as an B-List Celebrities in the game and joins Tapped Out Springfield cities when you have purchased the Wolfcastle’s Mansion building in the game.

That means you have to be at least level 31 to have this character in your game. If the building is not available for purchase then that means you need to unlock the building. This character has multiple costumes in the game.

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Wolfcastles Mansion
Buying Price: From building


Wolfcastle’s Mansion

How to Get

  • Mayor Quimby will be the character that brings up the quest “Celeb-o-mania Pt. 1”
  • Once you start this quest you will be able to activate and purchase the Wolfcastle’s Mansion from the buildings section of the game.
  • The Wolfcastle’s Mansion building can be purchased for 343,500 cash and can be placed anywhere in the city.
  • You will unlock a B-List Celebrities character called Wolfcastle


  • I just  had a nightmare that my every action was controlled by a nerd.

 Job List

Task List Time Earnings Requirements
 Appear on a Talkshow 60 Minutes  105 Cash, 26 XP
 Exercise 4 Hours  175 Cash, 45 XP
 Pose 8 Hours  420 Cash, 105XP
 Shoot Action Footage 12 Hours  600 Cash, 150 XP
 Relax in His Mansion  24 Hours  500 Cash 150 XP
Go In for a Closer Inspection his Laces  1D12H  750 Cash, 200xp