Valentines Tree

This Valentines Tree is a Valentine’s Day special item released to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2013 for The Simpsons Tapped Out. You can buy the Valentines Tree in the decoration section of the game because its known as a decoration that is used to help you make your city look pretty and beautiful.

It is a limited time item which means its only available for a limited time and once that time limit is up, the item will no longer be available in the game. Please keep in mind that decorations are cosmetically unique only and provides special effects according to the information below.

Tapped Out - Valentines Tree

Price: 15 Hearts

How to Get

The Valentines Tree requires a special currency that is only available during valentine’s day. You can only get these currency using or more so having friends in your game so be sure to post your IDs below. You can also get these premium hearts currencies through buying them with donuts if you don’t want to add friends but there’s no other easier way to collecting these new currencies.

Once you have enough hearts you can simply purchase the Valentines Tree in the store but please keep in mind that it’s only available during the Valentine’s event for your Tapped Out game. If it’s not available in the market then the event is most likely over.


Requires Valentine’s Day Pt1

Improves Vanity Rating.