The Sunsphere

The Sunsphere building is that you can purchase in the Springfield City section of the game. It is a tall building with a sphere at the top and reaches towards the sky. It’s sphere is colored in Yellow squares that make up a sphere and the bottom portion is colored in Gray coloring that builds the tower.

The item is not a premium item which means you can buy the item using the income you’ve earned from your buildings. You cannot buy it using donuts but you can always convert your donuts into cash then make the purchase for this amazing structure to be at the center of your Springfield City!

The Simpsons Tapped Out - The Sunsphere
Buying Price: 750,000
Item Class: Building

How to Get

  • You can purchase The Sunsphere building in the market when you check out the building section of the game
  • You must use Cash to buy this building and unlock the amazing structure into the game.
  • This item is not a limited edition which means he will be here in the game until you purchase him using Cash.


  • It doesn’t do anything other than improve your vanity rating.
  • The developers may change the price over time so if you are looking to get this building you may want to wait.