Skinner House

The Skinner House in The Simpsons Tapped Out is a building that is needed to be built to allowing you to obtain the character named Agnes. If you do not build this building, then there is no possible way for you to get Agnes into your Tapped Out city. Luckily this building only cost cash for you to build! Agnes are plant workers at Mr burns plant!

How to Get

To get this building, you must complete any prior quests that you may have until you are asked to build a house by Milhouse which should be building this Skinner House in your Tapped Out city. If you are having problems finding the quests then its recommended that you go through all your characters ensuring they don’t have pending quests.

Once you’ve unlocked the building for purchase, the building will cost 196,500 Cash in your Tapped Out city.


  • Level 29
  • Luigi & Seymour Quests
  • Milhouse Quest

Reach level 29

Start the “Hey Milhouse — Eureka!” quest.

Every 6H Earns 120Cash 12XP

Tapped Out Skinner House

Price: 196,500 Cash