Seymour Skinner

Seymour Skinner is better known as Principal Skinner in the Simpsons. He is known for chasing down Bart Simpson for skipping class or violated school policies. Even though Principal Skinner is the Principal of the school, he has to take orders from Superintendent Chalmers which is his superior. Skinner portrayed as a man that follows the policy very closely, in one of the episodes in the cartoon he waited on the highway for hours in hopes that someone would stop and let him turn.

Principal Skinner in The Simpsons: Tapped Out is no different. He has many voices that demonstrations his superiority in the Springfield Elementary and some of which are quite funny. You can also do a number of quest with Principal Skinner but most of them are related to the Springfield Elementary or education.

To obtain Principal Skinner for The Simpsons: Tapped Out you must first obtain the Springfield Elementary. This quest is initiated by none other than Lisa Simpson. She feels that she is losing many of her talents and grammar therefore she ask the Springfield Elementary to be brought back to your Springfield town for Tapped Out.

When you use Skinner for his quest you will notice that the ton of his voice is much deeper than the others and that his job list has some extremely long wait times like 24 hours. Nonetheless having Principal Skinner walking down your Tapped Out streets is a definite plus. And because you unlocked the Springfield Elementary the other character will be accessible and this includes quests as well.

Principal Skinner Job List

Job List Time Earnings Requirements
Shop At Kwik E Mart 60 Minutes $75, 20xp
Attend Mensa Meeting 3 Hours $150, 35xp Purchase Gazebo
Crossing Guard 4 Hours $200, 50xp
Drink at Moe’s 8 Hours $275, 75xp Purchase Moe’s Tavern
Monitor the Halls 12 Hours $350, 100xp
Go bird Watching 24 Hours $600, 150xp

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