Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is Homer Simpson’s wife and the mother to Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson. She is better known as the character with the long blue hairdo that makes her outstandingly beautiful. In the series Marge is almost always looking after the youngest of the Simpson crowd, Maggie Simpson. She is a work at home wife that is cleaning after Homer Simpson while he is working at the power plant. She has made a return in Tapped Out.

Marge Simpson returns in Tapped Out as almost the last character in the Simpson family minus Grandpa Simpson. Strangely you can obtain Marge with Moe’s Tavern making that two characters you get with the beer bar. Some players believe it’s a gag by EA because they are both what Homer Simpson love all oh-so-dearly, his lovely Duff Beer and Marge Simpson.

After obtaining Marge Simpson you will notice that most of her jobs, as guessed, revolves around the Simpson house. Yes you will find Marge cooking Homer’s favorite dinner or cleaning the house helping you bring in those income taxes and job income. While you continue to play and give Marge different jobs, you can almost hear her say “Ermm Homer..” . It’s pretty funny actually to have Marge as one of the last characters for the Simpson family to be at home and is a character you certainly don’t want to miss in Tapped Out or for your Tapped Out town.


  1. Sarah
    November 02, 2012

    I’m at level 15 and i’m supposed to get moes tavern and it’s not working. Why??

    • Dena
      February 12, 2013

      Add me dsawy and denamommy1 I play everyday