Mapple Store

This Mapple Store is a store that looks similar to the Apple Store and the developers have made a quest for MyPod in the game to unlock this store for purchase.

How to Get

To get this Mapple Store for your Tapped Out city, the Christmas event must be on and you can purchase the building use Santa Coins in your market. However, please keep in mind that these items are LIMITED TIME only which means  if the event if over then there’s no chance for you to purchase these for your homes.

This Mapple Store information is as follows
Requires: What’s a Myp-Od?
Earns 200 Cash 20 XP
Every 12H

Mapple Store


BUYING PRICE: 150 Santa Coins



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  1. Evab
    December 08, 2012

    What is the whats a mypod