When you get the Gulp’N’Blow building you it will probably be the highest earning building in your lot. In four hours, this building can earn you a hundred dollars in cash and about 8 experience to go with that. If you counted most of your task for each character and the other buildings available you would agree that this building earns the most at the level you have it activated. Don’t forget tough, to activate this you also need to complete the Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1, which is most likely a quest required by Krusty.

Tapped Out Gulp’N’Blow

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  1. amandahugnkiss
    June 16, 2013

    JAY, why don’t you just ask Max to play the game for you?! (Don’t forget to say “THANK YOU”)


  2. May 29, 2013

    I’ve read this post yesterday, because I found it weird I was already building the reactor towers but couldn’t build the gulp’n’blow yet.

    The good news is, I’m on part 3 of the chain now, the bad news is, I’m already level 12 and halfway in. So it seems like the only thing you can do is just have patience.

  3. sanjay mehmi
    May 09, 2013

    im on level 11 but i cant unlock the gulp n blow yet and tried 7 times with homer but nothin happens ,any advice.

  4. Christine
    January 12, 2013

    So… I am very new at this… Who works the gulp & blow and where the heck is Bart???

  5. JAY
    March 28, 2012

    any solution?

  6. Ellen
    March 22, 2012

    I think i have the same problem. I have the krusty icon and the cletus icon in my taskbook but if i tap them nothing comes up and i cant move on to other quests until i complete these. I think theyve been there since level 9 and im not on level 11. Do you know what there quests are?

  7. Max
    March 19, 2012

    No, Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 1 is a quest started by HOMER. Not Krusty.

    Krusty isn’t a heavy user there. Homer is. he eats a few meals there first and gets tired of it and needs a new restaurant. That starts Gulp N’ Blow.

    • JAY
      March 19, 2012

      the last 5 days he was about 20 times in krusty burger. how much times he must be there?

      • Max
        March 20, 2012

        The quest has you eat there 2 or 3 times. Not 20 times.

        If you are going there 20 times you’re doing it on your own… not because an active quest directed you to do so.

  8. JAY
    March 15, 2012

    what if I have krusty in my taskbook but I can’t do something with him. in krustys options menu is not an entry with heavy user. i am level 11 but can’t build the level 10 buildings. who can help

    • Max
      March 19, 2012


      Just because you are at level 11 doesn’t mean you get to unlock level 11 (or even level 10 buildings). You have to first complete the quests for those buildings, all which must be completed in order.

      To get Gulp N’ Blow, Homer must first eat at Krusty Burger for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s a series of quests that ends with building Gulp N’ Blow.

      To get Bart’s Tree house, you have to first build the elementary school, do skinner’s tasks, build willie’s shack, do willie’s tasks… and then you’ll make Milhouse do a few tasks with Lisa and THEN you get to build bart’s treehouse.

      So once you have completed all the side quests and main quests first… only then will you get to the stage to unlock the next building. You’ll likely be at level 13 before you start the level 11 & 12 buildings. Save up money. Be patient. the buildings here on out get really expensive.

      • JAY
        March 19, 2012

        I did all skinner tasks. But willys shack do not unlock.

        • Max
          March 20, 2012

          Sometimes you need to give it time. I forget who starts willie’s shack. It may not be skinner. unoccupy all your characters for a bit. Don’t give them tasks.

          Give the game a chance to put the “!” above your characters to start the next task.

          • JAY
            March 21, 2012

            They do not have a task now for 2 days. Nothing happens

          • JAY
            March 24, 2012

            5 days