Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick is the premium doctor of your Springfield city and can only be purchased with donuts in the game.! This doctor is the funniest and best doctor to watch and listen to him say hey everybody! This doctor is certainly one fine doctor to have in your city and is surely one character you won’t want to miss!

How to Get

Purchase Dr. Nick from the market using 90 premium donuts in your game! Get this amazing doctor and he’ll probably make you laugh all year round!


The Simpsons Tapped Out – Dr. Nick

Price: 90 Donuts

Dr. Nick Job Chart

Task Time Reward Requires
Style Goatee 60 Minutes 70 Cash, 17XP
Peruse Graphic Novels 2 Hours 110 Cash, 27 XP
Walk around acting Superior 4 Hours 175 Cash, 45 XP
Show Off his Fixie 6 Hours 225 Cash, 55XP
Enjoy a Duff Blue Ribbon 8 Hours 275 Cash, 70XP
Listen to Indie Rock 10 Hours 350 Cash, 90XP
Screen Mumblecore Films 12 Hours 420 Cash, 100 XP
Cram body into skinny jeans 24 Hours 600 Cash, 150 XP

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  1. Da beast
    December 08, 2012

    That is cool homers jobs