What are donuts in the simpsons tapped out?

Donuts in The Simpsons: Tapped Out are the premium currency for buying premium items in the shop. Tapped Out players will find that these donuts are quite rare and will definitely help their way through rebuilding the town of Springfield. Throughout the game you can only obtain a few donuts through special quests or purchasing them through EA’s donut store.

What can donuts do for my Springfield town in Tapped Out?

As the premium currency in the simpsons tapped out, donuts certain can improve your gameplay giving you an advantage over other players that may not be able to own some of the premium items. Donuts can be used to buy premium buildings which eventually allows you to have exclusive characters like Duffman and the Duff Brewery.

You can alternatively use donuts to speed up buildings and quests so you do not need to wait over a day for it to complete.

How do I buy Donuts?

Buying donuts is simple, you can head on over to your Springfield town then click Get more at the bottom to purchase donuts. Please keep in mind that donuts are premium items which means buying these will cost you real money. Your iTunes account will be charged when you enter your information upon purchasing.


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        I’m sorry you misunderstood, I meant once you buy it just 24 hours only log in when playing the rest of the time make sure your logged out. It only took 4 hours for us to get it but they tell you 24 hours. The email you once it’s delivered.

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