Christmas Simpsons Home

This Christmas Simpsons Home is a costume for your regular building but adds on the Christmas spirit with these decorations around your building. Just look at it as a costume for your characters where you’ll be able to swap whichever costume you like for another.

That being said, it’s not an actual building or a separate building to be exact. So it’ls still the same building you already have built in your Tapped Out city but now has a selection of different costumes from the Christmas holidays.

These new Christmas costumes for your city has the ability to generate Santa Coins which can be used to purchase more of these suits for your other houses or even just buy other items that requires the Santa Coins.

How to Get

To get this Christmas Simpsons Home for your Tapped Out city, the Christmas event must be on and you can purchase the building use Santa Coins in your market. However, please keep in mind that these items are LIMITED TIME only which means  if the event if over then there’s no chance for you to purchase these for your homes.

This Christmas Simpsons Home information is as follows
Requires: Christmas Pt. 1
Generates 5 Santa Coins
Every 24H

Christmas Simpsons Home


BUYING PRICE: 50 Santa Coins



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  1. Jojo Park
    December 11, 2012

    they said I need christmas Pt.2 to get the simpsons home.