There are a number of characters to unlock in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. You can find your entire cast of character as your adventure continues through building the city of building Springfield. Starting off as Homer Simpsons you may wonder, where is the cast of character? well they are hidden within the game. Each time you build a new quest or special building you will unlock one of these characters and they will be in your list of playable characters (which means you can access them for more money).

Newly Added Characters



Mrs. Krabappel
Martin Prince

Meet Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is back again, but in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. While he is at work playing on his MyPad, he did not notice the power plant being overloaded. As a result the power plant blows up and it takes the entire city of Springfield with him. [..Read More..]

Meet Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson comes with the new Simpson house that you may have to purchase at the beginning of the game. After Homer blows up the entire city you are left on helping him rebuild Springfield. After buying your home back Lisa will be outside clearing the bushes as well as giving you an extra helping hand at getting more experience and cash into your hands. [..Read More..]

Meet Ned Flanders

Simpsons Tapped Out Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders is back in the Simpsons: Tapped Out, and as the owner of the Flanders House he can help you gain some more cash and experience. You can obtain Ned Flanders in Tapped Out by first buying the Flanders House and then completing his home. Once you have the Flanders House, Ned Flanders will join your Springfield city in the Simpsons: Tapped Out [..Read More..]

Meet Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Tapped Out Apu

Apu makes an appearance as the third character unlocked in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. That’s right the resident workaholic convenience store clerk, Apu for short,  is one of the first  to be brought back and to Homer’s relief. He brings more income and snacks. you can access the Kwik-E-Mart periodically for a small amount of income tax. as well as being the place where the citizens of Springfield shop. making it a well traversed area. [..Read More..]

Meet Krusty The Clown

Krusty the Clown Picture

Krusty the Clown returns in the simpsons tapped as the owner of the famous town building, Krusty Burger. Krusty is the host of Lisa and Bart Simpson’s favorite TV show The Krusty the Clown Show. In the Simpsons tapped out, Krusty is the owner of Krusty Burger bringing you the best char-boiled burger it has to offer. [..Read More..]

Meet Principal Skinner

Seymour Skinner is better known as Principal Skinner in the Simpsons. He is known for chasing down Bart Simpson for skipping class or violated school policies. Even though Principal Skinner is the Principal of the school, he has to take orders from Superintendent Chalmers which is his superior.  [..Read More..]


Meet Mr. Burns

Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns is better known as Mr. Burns in the Simpsons. In the Simpsons: Tapped Out Mr. Burns is the owner of the power plant that Homer Simpson blew up while he was playing on his tablet. In Tapped Out Mr. Burn’s empire is separated into three pieces, Cooling Towers, Reactor Core, and the last and final one is the Control Building. Even though there is three buildings Mr. Burns will join your Springfield town in Tapped Out when you first build the Cooling Towers.  [..Read More..]

Meet Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson in the Simpsons Tapped Out join us in the middle of the game play. You will get Bart’s Tree House, at level 12 which of course includes a Bart Simpson to your Springfield Tapped Out city! It’s surely safe to say that most Simpson fans love Bart even though he gets into detention and trouble a lot, but some say it is those qualities that make Bart so unique and such a lovable character.  [..Read More..]

Meet Groundskeeper Willie

Groundskeeper Willie is back in The Simpsons: Tapped Out and he is the proud owner of the Willie’s Shack. If you haven’t seen the Willie’s Shack then head on over to the building section. You will see that the Willie’s Shack is one of the smallest buildings in Tapped Out and it looks as comfortable as a bathroom stall.  [..Read More..]

Meet Jeffrey Albertson

Jeffrey Albertson is the owner of the famous Springfield comic shop Andriod’s Dungeon. If you don’t know what the Andriod’s Dungeon is then let us tell you. It is the only comic book shop in the Springfield town where Bart and Milhouse go for their copy of Radioactive Man.   [..Read More..]

Meet Moe Szyslak

Moe Szyslak is nonetheless the owner and beer servant of Moe’s Tavern. Moe’s tavern is essentially a bar for Springfield citizens that want a beer or two. Unfortunately there are those that spend more time at the tavern than Moe wants and that the biggest problem being they can’t pay for his service and beer.  [..Read More..]

Meet Reverend Lovejoy

Reverend Lovejoy is the priest and owner of the First Church of Springfield. As the great representative to this Sunday Church he is loved by Simpson fans and Tapped Out players. Why? What is more unique than owning the only Church in Springfield? Regardless the Reverend does come with your purchase of the First Church of Springfield allowing you to add him into your Tapped Out town.  [..Read More..]

Meet Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is Homer Simpson’s wife and the mother to Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson. She is better known as the character with the long blue hairdo that makes her outstandingly beautiful. In the series Marge is almost always looking after the youngest of the Simpson crowd, Maggie Simpson. She is a work at home wife that is cleaning after Homer Simpson while he is working at the power plant. She has made a return in Tapped Out.   [..Read More..]

Meet Luigi Risotto

Luigi’s full name is Luigi Risotto. He is a Chef, Italian, and above all the owner of the fine dining restaurant Luigi’s in Springfield. He makes many great dishes that revolves around pasta and is well known for his character in the Simpsons serving pasta to Homer and the rest of Springfield.   [..Read More..]


Meet Snake Jailbird

Snake Jailbird, better known as Snake, is a well known criminal in the town of Springfield. Snake is known for his name because he has a tattoo along his arm that spans all the way down. He mainly appears as the criminal that tries to ruin the Springfield peace but some times, very rarely, he appears as a helper but in the end his criminal instinct turns him back.   [..Read More..]


Meet  Grandpa Simpson

Grandpa Simpson is the last Simpson you will get in version 1 of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. He is also a character you can get through hours of hardship and playing the game until you can build the great Retirement Castle.    [..Read More..]


Meet Mayor Quimby

Mayor Quimby is back in The Simpson: Tapped Out and as the Mayor of your Tapped Out town. Although he is publicly known as the mayor of Springfield, you can be happy to know that all his income and even the town hall belongs to you. If you don’t know who Mayor Quimby is then he is a well known character in the Simpsons show mainly because he is the mayor of Springfield and that everyone looks up to him and his campaign to be re-elected each year. [..Read More..]


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        This is a 2-person-task, meaning both people involved need to be available when starting the task, it will occupy both people, and it will reward you with double the standard income. When you start the task, Burns and Smithers will walk toward each other, and climb both on the same tandem.

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      The voice actor for Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz is dead, they haven’t been in an episode for ten years. The show retired his characters in respect instead of recasting them. For the same reason they probably won’t appear in this game.

      • Eric Brady
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        So? Milhouse & that Supervillain Guy don’t have voices. So just don’t give them voices. By the way, will Holiday Characters be returning Next Year?

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    Mark, I completely agree mate, it's such a shame that all the characters mentioned in your post and then some aren't featured in the game… hopefully they'll upgrade the game so that we can unlock them and their trophy sets and advance to higher levels in the game!

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      Mark, I completely agree mate, its such a shame that all the characters mentioned in your post and then some aren’t featured in the game… hopefully they’ll upgrade the game so that we can unlock them and their trophy sets and advance to higher levels in the game!

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      I am having same issue not only did he disappear but burns limo did as well. Have you found out why yet? EA has been “working” on this for me food past 3 weeks and have yet to get answer, reimbursed or have them given back. Thanks.