Calmwood Mental Hospital

The Calmwood Mental Hospital can be obtained since July 26, 2013 as part of The Simpsons: Tapped Out new update to bring out new items for the game. The theme of this update is based on Kamp Krusty and some items may align with that theme during the time of release. This item can be found in the building section of your game and can be purchased using money you obtain from buildings generating income.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Calmwood Mental Hospital
Buying Price: 324,000cash
Placement: Anywhere
Requires: Reach level 32Every 12h earns 200 cash 20 XP

How to Get

  1. You can buy the item directly from the store using 324,000cash.
  2. The item will only unlock when you reach level 32 in the game.

Lincolns Cabin Item Information

This item can only be obtained through completing and reaching level 31 where you will be able to unlock the building for purchase in the game.

If the building is locked, then that means you have not satisfied the requirements to unlocking the building and you will be not be able to purchase the building for your city.


Prices may be adjusted from time to time and will be reflected in updated prices in your game. These are through updates.

Description in game

Reach level 32

Every 12h earns 200 cash 20 XP