You will find in this section all The Simpsons: Tapped Out buildings has to offer. To build your Springfield town and make it unique in Tapped Out you must obtain understand which building is best to obtain before using those fully cooked donuts. The buildings in The Simpsons: Tapped Out not only give you more income taxes but also allow you to unlock special characters to join your Springfield town. Have you noticed that some origin friends have more characters than you? Then it’s simple. You must purchase Tapped Out buildings to have new characters join your Springfield town.

To purchase a building, simply tap on the hammer and chainsaw icon at the bottom right. Once you have done this, simply tap on the house beside the tree icon on the bottom right. This will bring you to all of Tapped Out’s buildings and what they have to offer. Most of Tapped Out’s buildings are priced in two different currencies, cash or donuts. Cash purchased buildings require you to be at a certain level and/or have completed a certain quest with your Tapped Out city. Donut purchases are not restricted and you may purchase them into your town at any given level if you have the donuts to pay for it.

We will try to list as many tapped out buildings as possible, if you have images and would like to submit them please send them to [email protected]

Newest Buildings

Summer Time Update

Original Buildings


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  1. richard rilling
    September 02, 2013

    i already have the max amount of friends on simpsons tapped out

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    May 16, 2013

    Add me jacilm84128. Play everyday

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    April 24, 2013

    add me mvmitchell.

  4. April 24, 2013

    Add me Furious_Redd

  5. Jennifer Bailey
    April 18, 2013

    Can you move roads??????

    • Ryan
      April 20, 2013


    • GeminiDD
      April 21, 2013

      Delete them using the “move” and then place them again.

  6. April 07, 2013

    I don't have fat tony and I've been playing since thanksgiving

    • Ryan
      April 20, 2013

      Maybe a glitch

    • GeminiDD
      April 21, 2013

      I didn’t get Fat Tony until level 28 after the new update . He was released with the Businessmen’s Social Club

  7. Ryan
    March 21, 2013

    When i click on Bart it just freezes and puts me on homer, has any one had this problem before LET ME KNOW!

  8. Chelsy
    February 21, 2013

    Add me chelsybriggs and I promise to confirm it asap

  9. Chels
    February 21, 2013

    Hope you all don’t mind… But I will be adding some of you. I just statrted the game a couple days ago…

    Add me: chelsybriggs

  10. Andy
    February 04, 2013

    add me please. Queststar

    • Andy
      February 04, 2013

      sorry…. Queststar2

  11. Chuck
    February 02, 2013

    Add me!

  12. Ingrid B
    January 27, 2013

    Hey guys, I’m on level 14 but I still don’t have bart. What can I do? Please help!

    • April Denise
      February 25, 2013

      I am on either 16 or 17 and i just got Bart, i had to send lisa and milhouse to school then it had me build barts treehouse when i did he fell out of it. But i also dont have several things that i should have at this level because they are still locked and i dont understand y. I lost a lot of money and coins with an update they did and said they were gonna give everyone so much back and i never got any of it back. Do u or anyone else know what to do about that?

      Add me please everyone april denise

  13. Andy
    January 14, 2013

    I M having crashing problems identical to bill but have not been able to play for 2 weeks+ I don’t have a lot of buildings like him, i have all of them up to the retirment home….. Please help

    • Bill Winsky
      January 17, 2013

      send me: bwinsky an invite and I’ll see what your Springfield looks like. you van always try logging out and back in as well as double punch the ipad button, the hold the simpsons icon until the red minus circle shows up the tap the icon to delete the icon.

  14. January 11, 2013

    I have all the buildings but the hospital. Making everyone doing check ups. I got everything in

  15. January 08, 2013

    Add me mindfix327

  16. ABC
    January 06, 2013

    I am having the same problem…….. It’s a little aggravating…….

  17. William
    January 04, 2013

    Add me wfabiano

  18. Bill Winsky
    January 04, 2013

    There is a problem with the game’s entry logic if you have a large number of buildings. I am able to get into the game once per day when I collect my daily reward. after that the game always crashes back to the iPad icons screen. Today, I did not crash out of the game, but instead went to friends area and processed 1 friend. When I attempted to return to my Springfield, the game crashed out to my iPad’s icon screen and now I can not get back into the game. This behavior of getting in to collect the daily reward and then successful entry into my Springfield has been consistant for the last 4 days. Yesterday I took down (put in inventory) over 100 purple houses. When I attempted to return from the “move house” area back to my Springfield, the game crashed and from then on I could not get back into the game until the next days when my daily collection for playing timer had been met. The day before, I had taken down 16 purple houses and then attempted to return to my Springfield, only to crash out.
    You guys need to hire me for programming/QA testing. email me @

    • Bill Winsky
      January 06, 2013

      OK, I figured it out – too many houses with Christmas lights. After I was able to get in this morning as described above, 1 shot per day, I took the christmas lights off of 300 houses. After that, I eventually crashed out, but this time, I was able to get back into my Springfield. I have had no further issues with getting back in all day, so . . . . you should limit your Christmas lighted houses to under say 300.

      • ABC
        January 12, 2013

        hey I have been having problems for the last bout 2 weeks or so and it is the same as yours with the donut stopping on the loading screen thing…… I can’t even get past that though I have never gotten lucky with it…. Sad thing is I only have like 4 houses with the decorations on it………. and I don’t have that many buildings either. Any advice?

        • Bill Winsky
          January 17, 2013

          send me: bwinsky an invite and I’ll see what your Springfield looks like. you van always try logging out and back in as well as double punch the ipad button, the hold the simpsons icon until the red minus circle shows up the tap the icon to delete the icon

          • Andy
            January 19, 2013

            Well I have tried both of those things multiple times and no result…

          • Bill Winsky
            January 19, 2013

            Another thing I thought of: add more road so your characters can spread out and it creates space i.e. less buildings given total available space.
            I assume you are able to get in once per day at least?

          • Andy
            January 22, 2013

            Hey Bill… I have not been able to get on at all since c. Jan 2nd

          • Bill Winsky
            January 22, 2013

            Andy, did you send me an invite? What is your origin ID?

            Perhaps you can uninstall/install the client application.

          • Andy
            January 31, 2013

            Yea Bill I sent you one…. still can’t even get in for a minute after this update…….

  19. Bill Winsky
    January 02, 2013

    Once again, I am not able to play the game. I tap to continue past the login screen and the doughnut turns and stops and then I am thrown out to the iPad icon screen with no error message. For the past 2 days, I was able to get in for about 3 minutes before the game crashed out, then having crashed out, I am not able to get back in as described above.
    My thought here is that there are memory issues on the server, either a memory leak or insufficient memory to display all my buildings. Now, I will admit, I am playing an aggressive strategy where I have approxamately 450 purple houses, 250 blue houses, 225 white houses, all of the commercial buildings, including premium buildings, except Hibert’s practice and the hospital. However, I see no documentation on limitations of buildings, so it should be supported.
    I have bought about $160 worth of doughnuts. This is way more than I would normally spend on a game and I have enjoyed the game, but I don’t think Origin does a very good job with games. As such, EA should probably give me my own server.
    You can see my layout if you friend me: bwinsky .

  20. Christine
    January 01, 2013

    Can’t move past level 24 . Won’t take any more XP , still earns money. Is this all there is???????

  21. Bill Winsky
    December 31, 2012

    Once again ther server is crashing. Please recycle it. Yesterday it seems the server was recycled and I was able to play until this morning. Now, everytime I continue through the login screen, the game crashes back to the ipad icons screen.

  22. Lisa Korcek Dawson
    December 30, 2012

    ALOT of unnecessary missions to progress in the game..stuck on level 24 and wont allow me to build bowling building or try and save or any characters…WHAT HAPPENED TO USING SANTA COINS FOR THINGS? EA said culd use coins 4 things…..NOT.

  23. Lisa Korcek Dawson
    December 30, 2012

    You have to do LIKE A BAZILLIION unnecessary missions to PROGRESS in the game..I am working on trying to raise 160500 to build the private practice docs office and I CANT even get the bowlorama or try and save..I haven't had any missions to get these buildings..when IOS updated I finished mapple store and wont progress to allowing me to build Bowlorama building? Anyone have same problem..stuck at level 24 and was told it goes to 25?

  24. December 29, 2012

    I Have reached level 24 and have no outstanding quests I have purchased premium items and I only have 3 more building to get channel 6 hibbert & hospital. I haven't had any thing prompting me to get these started and it has been 4 days since I have built any thing. any suggestions…

  25. Ching
    December 29, 2012

    I’m on level 24 and collected all XPs required to level up but I’m stuck on that level for almost a week. What’s up EA, where’s level 25 and beyond?

    • Merenia
      January 06, 2013

      I am the same I’m currently on level 24 have completed all the quest but still can move forward not sure what the deal is ???? Does it up any further

  26. MTJ
    December 21, 2012

    I just start to play and i dont have any friend, please add me: mtj37

  27. Kimberley
    December 13, 2012

    Add me kimberleyfow

    • MTJ
      December 21, 2012

      Add me please: mtj37

  28. Kyle
    December 13, 2012

    For their next update, they should add:

    Patty and Selma’s apartment with Selma, unlockable at level 20
    Springfield DMV with Patty, unlockable at level 21
    Snowball II as a premium item
    Sideshow Bob as a premium character
    Springfield mall, unlockable at level 25


    Metal bench
    Swing set
    Traffic light

    New features:


  29. Frank
    December 13, 2012

    I’ve added like 10 of y’all today. Check requests please. All these Christmas tasks cost a fortune in coins. And BTW I’ve been stuck on skips diner for well over a week. I’ve acquired 200k doing side missions while waiting. Yaay. So annoying

  30. December 08, 2012

    Please add me, cobraroush

  31. John
    December 04, 2012

    Add me por favor and I’ll do the same, thanks. – JTMB2

  32. Bill Winsky
    December 01, 2012

    I get “Cannot Conect to Server” message for 8 hours. I have another ID that does connect. I believe this to be a capacity issue as I have 250+ houses. In addition, once you get this message, you have not opportunity to sign out and back in.

  33. November 29, 2012

    I'm on Level 18 but I don't have the Gilded Truffle (level 16) or King Toot's (Level 17).. I'm doing all the tasks and everything.. help?

  34. Walter Cevallos
    November 25, 2012

    how to get a missing character ?

  35. James buckler
    November 24, 2012

    What request do I need to get moes tavern

  36. November 21, 2012

    leekennedy00 add me!!!!

  37. November 21, 2012

    I can't get the Kent Brockman building 🙁

    • December 17, 2012

      I cant either. I saved up like 600000 and still no request

  38. November 21, 2012

    Born2Play53 Add me!

  39. mich
    November 20, 2012

    I need friends..

    add me: migueljarrin

  40. November 13, 2012

    how do i get the luigi restaurant…what quest do i need to do??

  41. Dood
    November 12, 2012

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    • January 01, 2013

      Add me please andrewmartinez245

  42. Suki
    November 10, 2012

    Oh god, everyone please stop worrying about your littl problems, they helping me out listen to this! …….After completeing halloween event on Tapped Out, i had an update for the new Thanksgiving event, it comes up with homer and lisa talking i go to buy the balloon and my game closes, happens all the time, ive tryed turning phone on and off, uninstalled the game reinstalled the game, deleteing the game running in back ground, ive tryed everything my account will simply not load, NOWWW check this out, its not my phone cause i can play simpsons on the annomosly player (not signed in) works fine, i can play other peoples ID on my phone, but when i use my ID on other peoples phone it will not work again,,,,,, who can i contact to solve this do Tapped out have a customer support page? helpline?


  43. November 08, 2012

    Since the updates it won’t let me connect to the server, on my ipad or iphone i have reinstalled but it still wont let me connect. . Is anyone else having the same problem or know how to fix it please

    • dianurrrrrrrr
      November 08, 2012

      same sh*t here, still cannot connect. did the same thigs as you and nothing happened 🙁

    • Lisa Marie
      November 10, 2012

      Having the same problem… i click tap to continue and it dumps me out of the game.. HELP!!

  44. dude
    November 06, 2012

    when i finish building miss crabappl ap[artment i click on it to have her in the city but my game freeze and close how do i repair it

  45. Anonymous
    October 28, 2012

    Add me Chrismen11.

  46. Kelaino
    October 27, 2012

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    Pls add me: derya_aus
    I added some people above. Pls check your friend list status in the game.

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    October 24, 2012

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    October 21, 2012

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  50. October 16, 2012

    Ive been asked to build moes tavern to put marge in the dream house but still havent got ned asking for the church to be built – is this going to lock out the church quest as im unable to build the tavern from the task list? – help!

    • FrankTheTank
      October 17, 2012


    • October 19, 2012

      same as. its doing my head in

  51. Tom Mackintosh
    October 16, 2012

    need an update, I've got everything, all characters and buildings! tm_800!

  52. Colette
    October 08, 2012

    Hello. does anyone know how to get Cletus’s farm? I am at level 7, it says you require level 6 – but for some reason I cant get it..
    Any advice, muchly appreciated…this game is taking over my life!! too addictive 🙂

  53. Farabeck
    October 07, 2012

    Add me: farabeck

  54. rocio
    October 02, 2012

    lets be friends add me chionboys i play everyday

  55. nicola
    October 01, 2012

    add me always connected : nicolas_kong

  56. September 22, 2012

    How do u get Righteousness on the conform-o-meter? The other aims explain themselves but this one doesn’t.


    Please add me: ruthm4x

    • Steve
      December 04, 2012

      Send Snake to prison, takes a while ‘cos it’s a twenty four hour task but it gives you five star Righteousness !

  57. mattb0809
    September 22, 2012

    anything about the new Springfield library ? im at level 19 and it’s new and say’s quest at level 12, i’m almost at level 20 and still no quest for it

  58. cippis
    September 15, 2012

    add me :cippis123

  59. September 03, 2012

    I have built houses/buildings etc. only to come back to them missing! What gives??

  60. September 02, 2012

    Add me bawnchie

  61. Ban bam
    August 27, 2012

    Add me plz kakizzle 🙂

  62. Milan
    June 13, 2012

    Hi, I’d like to fill ale my stars on town rating, but I miss one star in Obedience. I’m lvl. 20 and have everything buit (except premium stuff) Is any public building amongst them so I could raise my obedience rating? Thanks.

  63. diddyoh
    May 20, 2012

    I had the same problem. I was level 20 with no new quests past Moes. I ended up starting a new one and now I’m at level 15 building Springfield Downs. I waited over a month on my first game but it never happened. I still log into it once in a while but still no new quests. I just collect the money and log out. Too bad too because I had about 80 friends on that town.

  64. Aaron
    May 17, 2012

    I’m level 20 and quests stopped 3 levels ago, I still can’t build skips diner, king toots, retirement castle, luigis, police station, town hall, the prison etc
    The only active quest I have is the standard collect money from houses, grow tomacco etc

    • Tropical smile
      May 21, 2012

      Me too. I’ve just finished level 18 and am a quarter through level 19 and still no quests since level 17? I’m not sure what to do and have had a hard time trouble shooting this problem.

  65. Mathias
    May 06, 2012

    I am in level 18. And there are no quest?? Please help mé.

  66. freegraff411
    April 16, 2012

    hi pls help me I’m at level 14 now and i have krusty at my textbook(quest book) BUT WHEN I TAPP HIM NOTHING HAPPENS ,,!!!”? and i only get quest like collect money from house restaurant ,store what should i do to get the krusty quest to show up i can see anything happens .

  67. Nelson
    April 10, 2012

    Does anyone know how to get quest as American as pie part 1? I’m lvl 20 and still waiting to build skips diner with no active quests in my quest log

    • Phil
      April 11, 2012

      It can take a while until this quest shows up, I was at level 20 and had to wait 3 days (even though I was playing constantly) for it to show up while completing seemingly meaningless tasks. It will be Comic Book Guy who starts this quest but until then you’ll have to be patient.

      • Tropical smile
        May 21, 2012

        So you went through all of level 18, 19 and 20 before any new quests were released?

  68. Verocb
    April 06, 2012

    dont you know why i cant build the fist church of sprinfield and the next buildings if im already on level 15?
    I have the money and everything but i still cant buy them.
    (sorry for my english)

  69. akissle
    April 02, 2012

    Moving buidlings doesn’t work. I can’t select the move button. what can I do?

  70. TheUndertow
    March 24, 2012

    Yup – you have to delete Concrete from underneath before you can select the building above.

    Its not cost, just a little extra work.

    Finally got Bart unlocked around Lvl 14 – seems to have more to do with finishing build-up quests than your Level.

    • Phil
      March 25, 2012

      Yes, the game follows a strict order when it comes to tasks. So you can only unlock and build stuff once you have completed the programmed in tasks, no matter what level you are on 🙂

  71. Jamie
    March 18, 2012

    I’m having trouble moving Some buildings and objects. When I tap on them it just says place pavement. This is only for a few buildings as I have been able to move others!

    • Phil
      March 19, 2012

      Try to delete that pavement if it selects the pavement instead of the building you are trying to move. It seems to be a bug in the game but since pavement, roads and water are free you can delete and rebuild those as often as possible. Even if the building has already been placed you can put pavement underneath it. 🙂

  72. Nasher
    March 18, 2012

    Add the Pavilion to the list maybe?.. adding it from decorations gives Springfield’s intellectuals the ability to have 3 ours Mensa meetings… so it functions more like a mini building, just without the regular income.

  73. Andy
    March 15, 2012

    I’m currently level 10 and I don’t seem to get new quests.
    The last one was at level 5. I was supposed to get letter grated beef part 1 made with U.S.D.A. at level 7.
    How is this possible and what does U.S.D.A. stand for?

    • Phil
      March 16, 2012

      U.S.D.A. stands for US Department of Agriculture. It is the department that among other things controls and grades all food products in the US.

      5 Levels is a long time without a quest though especially 5 of the lower levels. Do none of your characters have any tasks? Unfortunately the tasks don’t come to you by the time you get to a certain level but they have to be done in a strict order. For example if you haven’t done certain things you won’t be getting Level 5 tasks, even if you are in Level 10. Make sure all the buildings you were supposed to build so far have been built.

  74. Kirsten
    March 12, 2012

    I’m almost done level 11 I have 3 quests going but it doesn’t give me information on two of them (lisa and milhouse’s head) it won’t let me get any new buildings and it’s starting to get really annoying. what can i do?

    • Ben
      November 21, 2012

      Make them both go to school

  75. Max
    March 09, 2012

    My question:

    Does anyone now why there are two kwik-e-marts and two Krusty Burgers? I just unlocked the second kwik-e-mart at level 12 which costs $19,500.

    • Phil
      March 16, 2012

      Because you can build as many of them as you want 🙂 There are more than just one Krusty Burger in Springfield. It will increase your Gluttony and Consumerism rating.

      • Max
        March 19, 2012

        Except there’s only 1 Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield. And in the town there is only 1 krusty burger too. Krusty Burger is a chain.. but with only one location in Springfield. D’oh! So far that’s the only thing I’ve noticed that seemed odd. They should have made some other buildings instead. I made a list of about 100+ objects, characters, and buildings they could add to this game. It’s never ending!

        • Pip
          November 27, 2012

          Haven’t you got anything better to do than that,?! Mental.

    • clane
      March 19, 2012

      You also need two Kwiki marts before you can build the nuclear plant

      • Max
        March 19, 2012

        No, you don’t need 2 kwik-e-marts before you build the nuclear plant.

        The second Krusty Burger and second Kwik-E-Mart are optional.

        • clane
          March 22, 2012

          well, it may be just a coincidence then, because after I built the 2nd one, Apu came and said he needed more power, ant that started off the power plant quests

      • April Denise
        February 25, 2013

        Max is right, u do not need 2 kwik-2-marts or krusty burger to get the nuclear plant just dont get n a hurry and make them do long missions cause that could cause you to have to wait longer for it

  76. Max
    March 09, 2012

    People… to get the gulp n’ blow or other quests you have to first finish other quests. You must do them in order. Just because you reach a level that has a building doesn’t guarantee your access to it immediately.

    For example.. if you reach level 11 you aren’t automatically going to be able to place the power plant. First, you have to “catch up” in your series of quests until you have first done Springfield Elementary and Willie’s Shack.

    Well, if you have Principal Skinner bird watching for 24 hours… then you will have to wait for him to finish before a ” ! ” icon appears above him to move forward with another quest. If you have Lisa doing homework for 24 hours… even though it’s time for the next house in evergreen terrace part V… you won’t get to unlock the house.

    Be careful in assigning characters to long missions (like making homer watch TV) because by the time it comes ready to place the gulp n’ blow you may actually be slowing yourself down. Your quests may be ready to start gulp in blow (which involves homer first eating at krusty burger 2 times in a row for 30 mins) but if you have him doing something else like watching monkey trauma on TV then you won’t get to start the gulp n’ blow quests right away.

    Don’t slow yourself down. 🙂

    • JAY
      March 18, 2012

      I get no new quests. Level 10. How long have I wait after skinners bird watching that he gets an “!” sign?

      • Max
        March 19, 2012

        I don’t believe that. You will get new quests once you progress. You could have already progressed but the characters that start the next quest are currently occupied on other tasks. Try unoccupying all your characters. Don’t give them tasks. Apu, lisa, Homer, Krusty, Skinner, Willy, Bart, etc. will all start quests to build buildings. If you have Apu working at the kwik-e-mart when it’s time to build the power plant you are slowing yourself down and out of luck. He starts the Power Plant quests. So you can’t keep occupying him doing other things. Otherwise your quest will never appear.

        • JAY
          March 19, 2012

          This is the situation:
          The last character I got was skinner. I did all the tasks of every character.
          The last building I got was the elementary school.
          Since the level I got Krusty he is in my taskbook but I cant do anything with him. There will be no task for him to do.
          I am level 13 now and since 48 hours nobody do a job. I just collect the money from houses. Exept the collect taxes and cletus farm tasks there will be no new task in my taskbook since days.
          cant believe that….

          • Max
            March 20, 2012

            Skinner has to go Bird Watching and I think Monitor the Halls and maybe even be the crossing guard before willie’s shack opens up.

            Forget the second krusty burger and the second kwik-e-mart.

            They do nothing.

        • JAY
          March 19, 2012

          the last building was the second kwik e mart… but nothing else since then

  77. Ben
    March 09, 2012

    what do you need to do to achieve the quest for gulp and blow

    • Max
      March 19, 2012

      Homer has to eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner at Krusty Burger first. Then he gets tired of eating there and you get the Gulp N’ Blow.

      To get to that point you first have to complete all the other quests that lead up to it.

  78. mark
    March 08, 2012

    add me: cunape

  79. Dina
    March 08, 2012

    How do you move objects once you have placed them? for example buildings, trees, shrubs etc..

    • Phil
      March 16, 2012

      Tap on the crossed arrows icon in the lower right corner and then on the item you want to move 🙂

  80. Jul
    March 08, 2012

    Requires: Level 10 Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1”

    Dont understand this quest. What should I do?

    • Victor
      August 26, 2012

      homer does this quest. happened to me by chance, and requires 2 visits to finish.

  81. tapmaster
    March 05, 2012

    Have you tried doing your quests?

  82. benchman39
    March 05, 2012

    Any idea how to achieve “The New Evergreen Terrace” requirement?

    • Max
      March 19, 2012

      It differs each time. Lisa always does those quests. They are always in order. You must finish 1 quest before you can get to move to the next.

    • August 30, 2012

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    • Luke
      September 10, 2012

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      • October 08, 2012

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