Agnes or Agnes is a “oldies” in the Tapped Out Springfield city and is the owner of Skinner House! Well not exactly but she comes with the Skinner House. She is Principle Skinner’s mother and is a  old lady in the game.

I’ve made mistakes in life… and his name is Seymour.

How to Get

Purchase the Skinner House after getting to level 29 and obtaining the quests and then once you do Agnes will join your city and will work in the city. This character is a Oldies so she walks around town and doesn’t really do much.
Tapped Out Agnes

Agnes Job Chart

Task/Job List Time Earnings/Income Rates Requirements
 Feed Pigeons 60 Minutes  70 Cash, 17 XP
 Go on a Date with Comic Book Guy 2 Hours  220 Cash, 54 XP
 Hustle at Bingo 4 Hours  175 Cash, 45 XP
 Sweep Up the Town 6 Hours  225 Cash, 55 XP
 Do Crossword Puzzles 8 Hours  275 Cash, 70 XP
 Do Silhouette Night  12 Hours  420 Cash, 100XP
 Taunt Old People  24 Hours 600 Cash, 150XP
 Greet Customers  16 Hours  Sprawl-Mart